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Donald Trump said windmills kill whales and this 27 seconds of nonsense just gets better and better

Once again we find ourselves asking ‘what’s the colour of the sky in Donald Trump’s world?’ after the once (and future?) president has been sharing his thoughts on renewable energy.

He’s not a fan, predictably, although this particular reason why was a little harder to predict. WILL NO-ONE THINK OF THE WHALES?

All good, obviously, but it’s the ‘little batty’ at the end which really elevates this particular bit of nonsense to the next level.

The clip’s from a few months back but has just gone viral again on Twitter. And here are just a few of the things people said about it.

Last word to Irvine Welsh.

To conclude (and hardly for the first time) …

What a Moby Dick.

Source @RpsAgainstTrump Image Unsplash Vivek Kumar