Twitter funny tweets nigel farage

RIP to this fabulous Nigel Farage joke which has just been knocked on the head by Twitter

Say what you like about Elon Musk – please – but we didn’t think he could make Twitter (still can’t bring ourselves to call it ‘X’) and then he goes and does this.

It was flagged by Dave Lee – @davelee1968 – who replied nine years ago to a tweet by Nigel Farage asking people to name what was behind him in the picture.

Ancient history, obviously, but the reply by @davelee1968 lived on for reasons that are about to become obvious. Until now.

And just in case that’s tricky to read in full …

And in a glorious self-own by whoever the hell bothered to complain, the outpouring of love sent it viral all over again.


Source @davelee1968