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This recreation of an iconic dance from Mary Poppins is practically perfect in every way

Canadian social media star, choreographer and dancer Pierre-Émile Lemieux-Vennepierreemilelv on Instagram – doesn’t lipsync …he bodysyncs with some of the most iconic dance performances ever to grace our screens.

He recently took on the challenge of matching the energetic moves of the incomparable Dick Van Dyke with this living-room performance of Step in Time from Mary Poppins.

It’s practically perfect in every way.

Instagram users gave it the big thumbs up.

Good performance:) Mary Poppins would invite you for a cuppa.

What an amazing movie that is and great interpretation by you.

WOOWW not only incredible performance but also I find the running part mindblowing. How did you do that!

This is Supercalifragilistic and the rest that goes with that! You are amazing! I just love this!!

You are ridiculously talented. Bravo.


One of my favorite movies, so I just have to say this is now one of my favorite recreations you’ve made!!

Brilliant how you take choreo that has spaciousness and transfer it to a very small room while still making it seem big. You are a wonder.

Iconic dance routine and surprisingly modern!

martinbelk_latesupper asked what we were all thinking.

WHY aren’t you starring in a hit musical???


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