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An Icelandic TikTokker made this deliciously sarcastic tutorial after an American’s rant about a lack of water in Europe

There’s a curious phenomenon with American tourists in Europe where they call out the continent for its lack of drinking water. Perhaps they’ve all secretly agreed to make this claim as a prank. Who knows?

Anyway, TikTok user PERTINENCE seems to be in on it.


Get me back to the us of a this instant

♬ original sound – PERTINENCE

IMPERTINENCE, more like. Here are a few reactions to his rant.

I’m confused. Do Americans have water bought to them at all times? I’ve never been anywhere in Europe I can’t buy a bottle of water.

I’m so bewildered by how often Americans say this. I get water everywhere???

We all carry a long paper straw to drink out of the toilet.

Dude, in Italy water is illegal, we only drink wine. In Veneto if you ask for a glass of water after 5 pm it’s jail time.

I have never experienced this problem after more than 50 years in Europe.
But on the other hand; I’m not American.

Frode Revke

Funny Icelandic TikTokker The Bear Dad thoughtfully recorded a tutorial for the parched American.

@thebeardad #stitch with @PERTINENCE I hope this helps… #fypシ #fyp #nordic #eu #Europe #america #american ♬ original sound – PERTINENCE

curiousearthling went full Viking.

In Norway village in Europe country we only drink sea water and sometimes blood of enemies from neighbour villages Sweden and Denmark.

People from all over Europe joined in, many leaning into The Bear Dad’s depiction of Europe as a country.

In Ireland city, water come from the sky 360 days a year but I know this system because I come from France village.

Just checked. In the village of Portugal we also have this!

even in that tiny village….. wow.
The Bear Dad

Running to my Norwegian kitchen.
Bettina BV DK SE

Does it have water?
The Bear Dad

YES! It’s amazing.
Bettina BV DK SE

Confused European here, mine is running white wine only.

Wow, I thought the contraption was a hanger for small cloths. Thanks from France!
Eris Wolfy

You are ever so welcome.
The Bear Dad

In the city of Belgium we have this big pool of water that goes all the way to the city of England.

That sounds very big.
The Bear Dad

Even in our impoverished village of England we also have these! I think sometimes the poor Americans can’t drink theirs, so maybe they are worried?

In The Netherlands, capital of Denmark, we also have water in that contraption.

Nilla explained the process in Sweden.

In Sweden we buy our water at IKEA.

Worst part is the assembly…
The Bear Dad

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