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Andrew Lloyd Webber made a song and dance out of trying peanut butter and got roasted

75-year-old composer Andrew Lloyd Webber – the man behind such smash hits as Cats, Starlight Express and The Phantom of the Opera – is on TikTok.

He shares professional news, personal insights, clips of his pets, and he has now let the world see his first ever taste of peanut butter.

It did not go well.

@officialalw This #PeanutButterLoversDay Andrew has a hot take on the beloved classic Are you team smooth, team crunchy, or team absolutely disgusting? -TeamALW #peanutbutter #tastetest #andrewlloydwebber ♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

Let’s be honest – smooth peanut butter is disgusting. His reaction to the spread – as well as how long it took him to get around to trying it – got some absolutely brutal reactions. There was a bit of a theme …

Dude, I sat through Cats 4 times, you can finish that toast.
kater tot

Impressed that he stepped down to the level of the peasantry to try their food.
Shelbie Sanders

Peanut butter can’t be worse than Starlight Express tho.
Tim (AKA Timothy) Tok

Bro wrote cats, you expect him to have good taste?
Kenny K

He feels about peanut butter how I feel about every one of his musicals.

This video immediately validated all of my feelings about ALW.

Sir, respectfully. I’ve had to endure LOVE NEVER DIES, you better finish that food.

No more food reviews please.

Well of course he doesn’t like it, goblins only like to eat gruel and babies.

That’s exactly how I reacted to Starlight Express.

How quickly I lost respect for Andrew Lloyd Webber ……

Person who made “Bad Cinderella” shouldn’t be calling anything “horrible”.

Top marks to Scott Hosner for this Cats pun.

Peanut butter and jellical sandwich?

MaidaDesigns.com suggested this –

You could write a musical about it.

Don’t encourage him.


The payoff to Andrew Lloyd Webber’s story about buying a dog because of Cats is purr-fect

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