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“Did you know Samuel L Jackson was in Grease?”

We’re grateful to The Ghostface Panda for the hard work that must have gone into compiling this fascinating insight into the early film career of the great Samuel L. Jackson.

“Did you know Samuel L Jackson was in Grease?”

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Anybody else feeling like they’ve been Rick-rolled? TikTok users reacted well to being suckered.

I got played…and I’m not even mad.

Grease is my fave film , I’ve seen it hundreds of times and even I started to believed this.

Please tell me you were looking in the background.
THE Ghostface Panda

Bra I was going to say when I was growing up I don’t remember seeing any black people in that movie.
Julian Smith

I can’t believe I fell for that.
David Geist

Not an easy thing to pull off. Trust me. I had to do some serious research into his actual career for this.
THE Ghostface Panda

I feel anger, but yet, happiness?
Adam Pic

That’s the way life goes sometimes.
THE Ghostface Panda

I was waiting to see the scene and then I died laughing.
Kendrick Carter

Lmfao rest in peace.
THE Ghostface Panda

The bamboozelment is real, when I tell you that I was invested in this story!

I was not prepared to laugh out loud this early in the morning.
Jen Marie

Well played, sir. Well played.

I’m speechless.

Samuel Jackson was in everything.

Amazing… how did I miss that?!

holicrapitsjess was double-juped.

Wouldn’t have gotten me, but I asked Alexa and she lied and said he was in it, lol.


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