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America’s not holding back on the Kate Middleton mystery and John Oliver surely said it best

Three days after Kensington Palace shared the Mother’s Day photo that launched a thousand theories, sections of the UK media are suggesting it’s time everyone moves on and, in the words of one particular tabloid, ‘lays off Kate’.

Except it’s not so much Middleton everyone is talking about – well it is – but mostly it’s whatever the royals’ comms teams are up to, and how on earth they ended up here.

Anyway, it’s fair to say that American media is showing no such restraint, such as the Daily Show here.

And the Los Angeles Times here.

But it was a native Brit turned American telly sensation John Oliver – and not for the first time – who said it best, over on Bravo’s What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

‘Non zero chance’ is now very much part of our lexicon.

To conclude …

To conclude …

Source @BravoWWHL