Politics commons Jonathan Gullis

This 20 seconds of Jonathan Gullis at PMQs is a grim reminder of the state of parliamentary democracy right now

It’s often lamented that people have become disenchanted with the state of British politics, with even PMQs these days failing only rarely breaking through into the national consciousness.

And if you want to know why – well one of the reasons why – then perhaps we could start by watching this 20 seconds of Jonathan Gullis, Conservative MP for Stoke on Trent North since 2019 and, well, you’ll probably already familiar with his work such as it is.

And here is Gullis during Wednesday’s Prime Minister’s Questions in a clip that went viral for reasons which will become obvious.

And in close-up, just in case you’re a real sucker for punishment.

We’re probably not sticking our neck out too far to say it’s not a great look. For the Tories, for the Commons, for the country.

Source @nalaknip