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This forensic takedown of Lee Anderson and his battery-powered lawnmower net zero rant was magnificently done

Former Conservative Party deputy chair turned Reform UK MP (at the time of writing) Lee Anderson took time out from his busy schedule to share his thoughts on battery-powered lawnmowers.

And – specifically – why his electric lawnmower makes net zero a ‘load of nonsense’.

We’ve already rounded up a whole bunch of our favourite responses here but we mention it again because this forensic comeback was just fabulous.

And here it is again just in case that’s tricky to read in full.

I don’t want to say ‘middle-aged, white man’, but I’m definitely seeing a trend in the bullshido and absolute lack of knowledge when it comes to net zero.

Ok, let’s fact this out.

The particular mower, a 36v Ebauer will run for 80 mins on a full charge and consume 360Wh/0.36kWh in the process. At today’s cost of 33p/kWh it would cost 11.88p.

On that particular day the grid intensity was very low, and despite what Lee said, Ratcliff doesn’t run on gas, only coal and coal mix.

The emissions for his area were 99g CO2/kWh, so if he used the full battery, he’d have emitted 35g/CO2.

The most fuel efficient B&S push along mower will burn approx 1.66 litres of fuel for the same time, (I’ve under quoted this as the figures are tricky to pin down)

Burning 1 litre of petrol produces approx 2.3kg of CO2, so the B&S mower would emit 2.875kg for the 80 minutes and a host of other emissions. PM, CO, NOx, SO2 to name a few. (In his street)


The cost in petrol based on a 5hp B&S mower of 1.25l/hour would have been £2.39 for the 80 mins.


33g for electric
2875g for petrol

Energy use

0.36kWh for electric
16.6kWh for petrol

This chap has absolutely no idea what he’s talking about. If he can’t square away the basic figures of a lawn mower, what else do you think he’s going to struggle with.

Think about it

your welcome

Magnificently done!

Not everyone was happy with it though.

Let’s hope Anderson can, sorry, has read it. And, more importantly, understand it. But we’re not holding our breath.


Lee Anderson said his battery-powered lawnmower made a ‘nonsense’ of Net Zero and this A++ takedown cut deepest

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