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This decathlete’s javelin fail took the gold medal for slapstick – but the official’s reaction was simply perfect

We’re grateful to Washington State University decathlete Lee Walburn for sharing this clip of him not exactly bringing his A-game to javelin practice.

Watch what happened. Sound up for the self-deprecating voiceover.

Lee added –

“I Appreciate the dedication of the flag guy.”

So do we, Lee. So do we.

His slip – and that hilarious flag wave – were a hit with Instagram users.

I would like to inquire about the flag guy’s availability to ref dates for me?

The flag wave sent me.

Dangled that flag over you like “haha yeah look at that shi”.

It was was picked up by sports reporting giant ESPN, who shared it on their TikTok account with the original sound, bringing it to a much larger audience.

@espn Had to wave the flag (via leefoxwalburn/IG) #track #trackandfield #javelin ♬ original sound – ESPN

TikTok users showed it even more well-deserved love, leaving comments like these favourites.

We need red flag guy as a gif.

That flag raise was personal.
Jordan Longwell

Why is this the best thing I’ve seen all week? Actually this describes my week!
Moxie Magnus

OVER THE LINE!!! Mark it zero Donny.

I could watch this a hundred times. Brother gave up before he was even beat and then gravity took him as a consequence. Good video.
Caleb Madl

Red Flag Guy: I don’t need to, but I’m gonna, just out of spite.
Understanding Silence

That’s EXACTLY how I went to work today.

Where do I apply to be the guy waving the flag?

Me judging people without doing anything myself.

kurt900z urged caution.

Let’s look at the replay before red flagging

Better safe than sorry.


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Source leefoxwalburn H/T ESPN Image Screengrab