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This comedian’s twisty take on men with painted nails gave people a brush with high blood pressure

Comedian and actor Jonathan Gregg had TikTok users worried that their For You pages had gone rogue when he stitched with Lilianna Wilde to comment on his-and-hers nail makeovers.

Check out how he did it.

@jgregg_jonathan #stitch with @Lilianna Wilde #dadhairday #dad #nails #manicure #masculinity #video #tiktok @Olive & June ♬ original sound – Jonathan Gregg

He had them in the first half. Here are a few of our favourite comments from some very relieved people.

Oh….*deletes rage dump* nice color!

I was sitting here being like “trust the algorithm, trust the algorithm, trust the algorithm” whew I trusted and I was awarded.
Kassie Elizabeth

I was so confused I was like “there is NO WAY the algorithm allowed this on my fyp” THE SIGH OF RELIEF when you pulled out the polish.

OMG I thought I was on the wrong side of TikTok for a sec.

Thank you …I was scared I took a wrong turn somewhere.

I was about to be big mad.

That took a turn I wasn’t expecting. Fair play to the both of you!
Chris Pearse457

I was about to cuss you ALL THE WAY out!!!

Active duty here. I paint my nails on the weekends off duty hours and I was so happy to see this manly dude with painted nails hahaha.

Let’s face it – he’s not wrong about gel nails, either. Absolutely leave them to the professionals.

Dude! No joke. I tried to do that gel stuff at home. It was a mess.

Myo was onto him, and for the loveliest reason.

I knew it had a plot twist because I know you’re the best man in the world.

Anyone who’s spotted Jonathan’s posts before – including Myo – will be well aware of his ongoing ‘feud’ with Miss Yolanda at his daughter’s school. Here’s how that started.

@jgregg_jonathan #dadhairday #jgregg #dad #hair #spaday #nails ♬ original sound – Jonathan Gregg

Fabulous nails AND fancy hairstyles. Dad level: Expert.

Follow him for more wholesome and funny content. You can also find him on Instagram under the same name, @jgregg_jonathan, if TikTok isn’t your thing.


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