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Britain’s ‘strictest head mistress’ has been wanging on about furries and this 10/10 comeback should go on the national curriculum

You might already be aware of Britain’s self-styled ‘strictest headmistress’ Katharine Birbalsingh who, it appears, is not a fan of children who might make a habit of dressing up as cats or dogs.

She says ‘loads’ of teachers are seeing ‘furries’ in classrooms, including kids who dress up as snow leopards and – checks notes – identify as pasta.

The head teacher’s tweet prompted no end of totally on-point responses and we’ve rounded up our favourites here.

But there was one response in particular which caught our attention.

And it got even better when this happened.

Stick it on the national curriculum!


Britain’s strictest headmistress’s claim that children identify as pasta has got her into hot water – 29 favourite reactions

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