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‘What I eat in a day as a pigeon in London’ perfectly parodies those cringeworthy influencer posts we all love to hate

Comedian, writer and actor Alice Etches has written for some of our favourite funny shows, like Never Mind the Buzzcocks and The News Quiz, but she also has a loyal following online, where she shares her very funny sketches.

One that proved very popular, in the summer of 2023, was this hilarious mockery of the ‘What I Do In a Day‘ posts that turn up on social media and in weekend supplements. Instead of being from the point of view of an influencer, or an actress with a vagina-scented candle empire, Alice made a pigeon the star.

It’s very funny.

@aliceetchescomedy What I eat in a day as a pigeon living in London! #comdey #funny #whatieayinaday #whatieatinadayrealistic #pigeon #london #food #foodie ♬ original sound – Alice Etches

“Then I met some friends for dinner. We had an Indian, which was really lovely until fucking Steve turned up, like honestly, I hate him so much. All he talks about is himself and he’s so greedy, like, he just pushed Sally straight out the picture.”

TikTok users brought the love.

Wait why is this the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

Steve getting on my nerves already. I hope he’s getting voted off next episode.
Tails of the City

This is independently funny but even better when I imagine you actually recording all these pigeons.

Sending to the BBC to apply for a job as cameraman on the next series of Planet Earth.
Alice Etches

Almost a year after it was first posted, it started circulating again when @Zack33012 shared it on Twitter/X.

This led to people rediscovering Alice’s original tweet, too.

We think these comments pretty much nail it.









Happily, this wasn’t the only update from Alice on pigeon life.

@aliceetchescomedy What I Eat In A Day as a pigeon living in London (part 2). Thanks everyone for checking in on Jenny, she’s hanging in there x #comedy #funny #whatieayinaday #whatieatinadayrealistic #pigeon #london #food #foodie ♬ original sound – Alice Etches

And there are more where that came from, so we highly recommend you follow her on TikTok or Twitter/X to keep up with all the latest funny posts – and the pigeons.

If you’d like to and can afford it, you can also help support Alice’s work by making a donation on ko-fi.com.


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