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This cricket pundit is getting his eye contact all wrong and it’s today’s most excruciating watch

This video preview of the T20 cricket World Cup has just gone viral on Reddit for reasons which will become obvious.

It’s presenter Emma Jones talking about England’s chances at the up-coming tournament – we believe with former England all-rounder turned pundit Craight White – and it’s fair to say he’s getting his eye contact wrong, so very wrong.

Bro is trying his best to avoid eye contact.
byu/NothingIsHere5947 infunny

And while these Redditors’ comments were totally on-point …

‘Maximum eye contact is the way to go.’

‘Man’s doing to most advanced ocular patdown I’ve ever seen.’

‘Just lean into it bro.’

‘There is no winning these days. If you look, your video ends up posted on reddit, if you don’t look, your video ends up posted on Reddit!’

Yes, but have men at any point just considered looking their interviewer in the eye, perhaps?

And also this, very much this.

‘Trying to avoid eye contact with bros belly button.’

‘Holy fuck I didn’t notice till I read your comment ROFL ‘

No matter where you stand it follows you around the room.

UPDATE: We earlier described the interviewee as an ‘Aussie cricket pundit’ but while former cricketing all-rounder Craig White was brought up in Australia, he was born in Yorkshire and played Test and one-day cricket for England. This has been updated.

Source Reddit u/NothingIsHere5947