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Vincent Price’s hilarious anecdote about an encounter with ‘a fan’ was scarily self-deprecating

Vincent Price was a one-of-a-kind. The film star, who was most closely associated with the horror genre, had an instantly recognisable voice, a distinctive set of facial expressions, and a disarming charm in interviews.

Here’s a perfect demonstration of his wonderful ability to laugh at himself.

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TikTok users loved the trip down memory lane.

I remember sneaking downstairs on a sat night, when my parents were out, watching his movies and racing back in upstairs scared to death after lol.

Given the roles he tended to play, I tend to forget just how funny and sweet he was.
James Bradford

Vincent Price, Boris Karloff, Christopher Lee and the great Bela Lugosi. Those guys provided many a sleepless night in my formative years.

Vincent Price was actually quite funny.
reload north

Impeccable sense of humour. He was a treasure.
James Holes

Vincent Price . . . MAGNIFICENT actor with and equally magnificent voice.

That’s a great story and a great joke!
Dan M

Vincent Price was such a class act, and funny too!

Christopher Lee? I could have sworn he was Peter Cushing.

We think he’d approve of this comment from Rick Grimes.

I wasn’t looking at my phone when the clip started, but the moment I heard his voice I knew exactly who was talking. There’s no mistaking Christopher Lee’s voice. lol

And carrie6053 spoke for us all.

I loved him on the Muppet Show!

Let’s have a taste of it.


Vincent Price’s Muppet Show appearance was a scary delight

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