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Rishi Sunak hit back at the Lib Dems who photobombed him and their A++ response was sheer perfection

As you might already have seen Rishi Sunak’s faltering election campaign – so far just the wrong side of humiliating – showed no signs of getting any better after he was magnificently owned by the Lib Dems today.

The moment went just as wildly viral as you’d expect with lots of comments like this.

And this.

The PM at the time of writing tried to put a brave face on it by doing this.

And we’re very glad he did because it gave Lib Dems’ deputy leader (and MP for St Albans) Daisy Cooper – among those on the boat at the time – the opportunity to respond like this.


And here’s just how much Sunak really enjoyed being photobombed by Cooper and co.

Run away! RUN AWAY!

Source @libdemdaisy