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Rishi Sunak blamed a D-Day ‘overrun’ for turning up late to ITV and it just made his early exit even worse – only 9 responses you need

We won’t need to remind you of the enormous hole Rishi Sunak dug for himself after deciding to leave the D-Day commemorations early to do a pre-recorded interview with ITV.

Well now the ITV interview – or a few sneaky peaks at least – has been made public and it really doesn’t get any better for the beleaguered PM. In fact, it just got a whole lot worse.

There was the bit where he struggled to think of a single thing he went without in childhood – before settling on Sky TV – and there was this bit, at the very beginning, when he turned up late and blamed the D-Day events for overrunning.

And it’s not just what he said – well, it is – but it’s also the way he said it. If you weren’t convinced Sunak just doesn’t get the importance of D-Day before, then you surely will be now.

And here’s exactly what people made of that.

Here’s a little glimpse of the fallout, Kay Burley talking to defence secretary, Grant Shapps.

In three words.


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