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This funny shoe fail had people sharing other wardrobe malfunctions – 18 relatable favourites

Over on Reddit’s r/MildlyInfuriating forum, Captain_JohnBrown shared a photo of what can go wrong when you get dressed in a hurry – or in the dark.

feet with one black shoe and one brown - both the same style.

He added –

“I’ve been walking around for 4 hours like this. I’m a lawyer.”

Nothing a coat of black shoe polish can’t hide, seeing as he clearly has a favourite style of shoe.

His gaffe reminded people of other sartorial cock-ups, and these were our favourites. We found them pretty relatable. How about you?


Reminds me of the time I got fired from my last job.

I walked out of the HR department at the end of the day (because of course they wanted one more days work out of me) and a whole crew was clocking out. They asked me if I just quit and I said no and then one of the guys said “oh btw your shirt’s on backwards”

It was a great day.


Last month, the collar on my suit accidentally flipped up and I gave a two hour long presentation. No one said anything, not even my team members standing beside me. When I mentioned it, she said “Oh, I thought you were trying to look cool.”


Reminds me of that one time I was partying at a friend’s house and went home with 2 different shoes and both of them weren’t mine.



Reminds me of a time in court (I’m a lawyer too) when I looked down and saw I’d forgotten to change out of my dog walking shoes, a particularly putrid bright green pair. I was MORTIFIED and just praying to anything listening that no one looked down at my feet. Good times!


I was in my dental hygienist’s chair for an hour yesterday and, when she finished, I noticed my fly was gaping wide open. Yes…I was wearing skivvies.



I’ve been there… MORTIFYING. I’m a court reporter

A woman's feet with two different style black shoes


In high school I had pants where the legs would unzip and come off to make shorts. Had a black and tan pair, and I couldn’t find the right legs one day when it had gotten cold, so I had black shorts with tan legs from the knees down. Started a trend with a bunch of other kids who had the same pants. I only did it the one time, but everyone commented how “cool” it was and then they all started doing it.


Years ago I was dropping my kids off to daycare before work and my daughter pointed out that I had one brown shoe and one white one. After signing them in I ran home to switch a shoe. I got to work a few minutes late and when my boss asked why I told him my shoes didn’t go with my outfit. He knew there was more to the story but didn’t push it.


I flew cross country to a business meeting like this. I was on the end of my second flight when I realized I had one navy shoe and one black shoe.