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This guy took great offence at being called ‘bro’ by a colleague and got all the responses they deserved

It’s been a while since we’ve been in an office but that doesn’t mean you stop interacting with your work colleagues, obviously. You’re just more likely to do it via text or – deep breath – another bloody Zoom.

And we mention it because of this particular text exchange which has just gone wildly viral on Reddit for reasons which will become obvious.

It’s a guy who took particular offence at being called ‘bro’ by a colleague – goodness knows what would have happened had they done it to his face – and it’s fair to say it escalated quickly. Very quickly.

Did the mistake of calling my coworker bro,’ said No-Good-5707 in the corner of Reddit called ‘facepalm’.

And we’re glad to say they got all the responses they deserved.

‘I would have ignored the sensitivity and just said “soooo you got the schedule or not?”

‘And end it with thanks bro.’

‘Don’t you mean broworker?’

‘Step broworker, help me I’m stuck step broworker.’

‘Hit him with a bruh.’

‘Or “daddy chill.”

‘My 8-yr old called me Bro. I asked him why and he said that’s what he calls all his good friends… can’t argue or get offended by that can you.’

‘Me thinks he doth protest too much.’

‘He fancies you and is worried you’ve just bro-zoned him.’

‘Address them in the most formal way possible. But…. Brother sister stuff?……dafuq.’

In three words …

‘He seems fun.’


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Source Reddit u/No-Good-5707