Celebrity election Rik Mayall

This clip of Rik Mayall in the New Statesman remains very funny and hideously relatable

It’s been 10 years – actually 10 years and a few days now – since we lost the great Rik Mayall, and there have been no end of fabulous clips going viral over the last week or so.

And this one, from his brilliant ITV series The New Statesman in which he starred as Conservative MP Alan B’Stard, is very funny – of course it is! – and still hideously relatable (see if you can spot the subliminal political messaging at the end).

And here’s just a little bit of the love people had for the show (and for Rik Mayall, of course).

To conclude …


Rik Mayall’s reaction when he realises he’s being filmed is surely the funniest and loveliest 20 seconds you’ll spend today

Source @supertanskiii