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This cheap-looking solution to a stuck Tesla Cybertruck charger wasn’t what it seemed – it was worse

If you were curious enough to watch the video of a guy testing whether his Cybertruck trunk – or boot, if you aren’t American – would detect a finger placed in the way as it closed, you’ll be familiar with Jeremy Judkins, Tesla fan and owner of a temporarily sore finger.

He recently posted a TikTok about a problem he had with the charging port of his truck, and the incredibly low-rent way he fixed it.

@jeremyjudkins2 This is what you do if your charger gets stuck in your Tesla Cybertruck. #tesla #cybertruck #teslacybertruck ♬ original sound – Jeremy Judkins | Tesla Videos

When we saw the string, we half expected the truck to say “Mama!”

It wasn’t exactly the advert Tesla would have put out.

It’s a new problem with the cybertruck every day.

Yep and there’s another reason to avoid Tesla as if giving money to Elon wasn’t a big enough turn off already.

100k.. you shouldn’t have to do this.

While Tesla problem videos are ten a penny, this one had something new to offer, so it ended up on other platforms – including the one owned by Tesla’s newly richer boss, Elon Musk.












Plot twist, Jeremy’s Cybertruck wasn’t actually broken – ‘wasn’t’ being the key word. Here’s an update.

@jeremyjudkins2 Replying to @camravens My Tesla Cybertruck charger wasnt actually stuck. It was a story I created to then educate you on the manual pull release. But then I broke the Cybertruck in a different way. Oops. #tesla #cybertruck #teslacybertruck ♬ original sound – Jeremy Judkins | Tesla Videos

JazzyJeff left this comment/question.

And what will it cost to repair the manual release? $1,500? $2,500?

We have no idea, but we suspect the TikTok fees will cover it.

If you want to see more of his Tesla posts, including that finger one, you can follow Jeremy Judkins on TikTok, YouTube, Instagram or on Twitter/X.


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