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The Telegraph: People should remember how good they had it under the Tories. Everyone: You’re having a laugh, mate

We frequently wonder whether the Telegraph is trolling us all with its columns, which veer from ridiculous to outrageous, taking in unbelievable and offensive on the way.

Here are some examples you might remember – or have tried to forget.

The one that had a go at young people.

Young people are too fat and woke to fight.

The one that – er – had a go at young people.

We are the West's last generation before the new dark age begins

The one that had another go at young people.

Hellish blackouts could yet have a silver lining. A power cut or two might be just the thing to shake some of today's youngsters out of their sublime sense of entitlement.

Should we be asking “What are they on about?” or “What are they on?”. It’s a mystery.

Not to be outdone, arch Brexiter Sir Bill Cash shared his advice for wavering voters. It was not good advice.

 Voters must remember how good they’ve had it under the Conservatives

A vote for Reform would put our incredible successes at risk by installing a Labour government

U wot, m8?

These reactions absolutely hit the nail on the head.