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The blazing takedown of this right-wing meme about men in skirts is brutally on-point

Here’s another leading contender for takedown of the week, a blazing riposte to this right-wing meme about – gasp! – men wearing skirts.

It’s just gone viral over on Reddit where it was shared by blaze_uchiha999 who said: ‘Burned by facts.’

And not a word of it is wasted.

No more questions, your honour.

‘Everytime somebody tries to reduce men for using skirts i think of scots and their kilts and japanese and their robes , and many other cultures , all of them warrior cultures.’

‘We can thank the ancient Greeks for developing the orgy. We can thank the ancient Romans for including women.’

‘Fucking Roman’s ruining everything ‘

‘Anatomically speaking…doesn’t it make more sense for men to wear skirts/kilts/dresses anyways and for women to wear pants?’

‘Also, high heels were invented for men, by men.’

‘Yep, especially for butchers.’


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Source Reddit u/blaze_uchiha999