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This interview with a 5 y/o Glastonbury-goer is this week’s loveliest thing (and the dad made it so much funnier)

There’s an old saying in telly land that you should never work with children or animals. Throw live TV and Glastonbury into the mix and you have the makings of a viral piece of content.

BBC Entertainment Correspondent Colin Paterson found this out first-hand when interviewing five-year-old Elske, who was attending the festival for the first time with her parents.

Cutting straight to the chase, Elske wanted to tell Colin something “crazy”. Her secret? She’s got a boyfriend. Cue laughter and shock all round.

And that was just the start of this rollercoaster of an interview. Little Elske then offered to share with Colin what her dad had to say about the situation, prompting the presenter to quickly yank his mic away and warn her to be careful.

You can’t blame Colin for being cautious. Kids on live TV have a habit of saying incredible things. Who could forget this little girl who told Nigel Farage that her mummy says he hates foreigners?

Elske’s dad didn’t come under such heavy fire. Although he did say that her boyfriend should be locked up in a tower. As you do. Thankfully mum swooped in to laugh it off and reassure everyone that Elske’s significant other is a good friend. Crisis averted.

Young Elske wasn’t done yet though, and went on to share unusual facts about her grandad. It turns out that he has a scorpion and a praying mantis, leaving Colin completely flummoxed and almost unable to respond.

Elske’s bizarre revelations proved to be a hit though, with audiences lapping up her charm and confidence.

Source @BBCBreakfast