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This moment the audience applauded Mishal Husain spoke volumes about the final leader election debate

Like all the other election debates in this campaign, the second (and final) face-off between Rishi Sunak and Sir Keir Starmer was a TV occasion to forget.

There were a few moments of note, such as when Starmer did this …

… or when Starmer said this.

But the reason you bring you here was nothing to do with either Starmer or Sunak (well, quite a lot of Sunak, actually) but rather the event moderator, Mishal Husain.

And not all the reviews were overly complimentary of the estimable Today presenter, but this was one moment that surely got everyone applauding.

And the fact she was applauded for finally getting Sunak to stop talking over her speaks volumes about the whole thing (and Sunak in particular).


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