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This tale of a Australian rubbish removal firm’s bizarre Ts&Cs is a wild ride from start to finish

Now we like going to the tip as much as the next person – what better way to spend your weekend after a week flogging yourself to bits at your laptop?

But it’s also a massive relief when you find someone who is reliable (and reasonably priced) to take your rubbish away for you.

Always best to check the terms and conditions though, especially if it’s this particular rubbish removal firm as told in this tale on Reddit, a wild ride from start to finish.

And they weren’t kidding about those Ts&Cs!


Last word to this person.

‘This is the business model. You pay $39 and he dumps 63 mattresses at your house. Your rubbish will be dumped at the next persons house.’

Source Reddit H/T @anniedundun