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People have been sharing the most bizarre ‘compliments’ they ever received – 20 proper jaw-droppers

One person’s compliment can be another person’s insult.

But there are some “compliments” are so out there that it’s hard to read them as anything other than, ‘erm, do you actually hate me?’

Check out these replies to Reddit user @Majomember420 who asked:

“What’s the most bizarre ‘compliment’ you got?”


“You have the most beautiful shade of dog shit brown eyes.”


“That my left eye is really pretty. Both my eyes are the same colour…”


“I had a college girlfriend who said my blue eyes were like looking at a chlorinated pool.”


“If I knocked u up I wouldn’t run away…Probably…”

“When I was younger a random girl said I looked like Adam Lavine’s uglier younger brother.”


“I look like Guinness tastes. I’m an acquired taste.”


“That my skin feels like snake skin. Like – excuse me…? What?!”


“‘You look like my dead sibling, though I never liked him’. What am I supposed to say…lol.”


“‘You look too young to be a doctor. What are you, like 45?’
I was 26.”


“We’re both lying in bed, naked, after sleeping together staring into each other‘s eyes and he says, ‘I love your lips, they’re so… thin’. Do you think he learned that in compliment school?”