Hizbollah dressing gowns No.1 Xmas besteller

World News:  As shops across the world report record profits this Christmas despite the global financial meltdown, one item has shocked retailers, outselling everything from ipads to wii games to colourful jumpers.

His and her dressing gowns, manufactured in the Lebanon by radical organisation Hizbollah are selling by the millions this Christmas as customers in both East and West go crazy for their combination of comfort and modesty.

hizbollah dressing gowns

hizbollah dressing gowns

The Hizbollah, Herbollah range launched in the UK in London’s Selfridges, after massive success across the Middle East. Sales Manager Jake Longton said today “I have never seen a faster-moving consumer good. There’s been a stampede on for these things – forget round the block – it’s been round 4or 5 blocks since Novemeber. Ever seen a queue on an escalator? Difficult.”

Plans are now underway for an extension of the line to include Hizbollah, Herbollah watches, pens and golf shoes.

“We just can’t believe it,” said Hizbollah’s chief treasurer who asked not to be named, “These dressing gowns are making us a fortune. Now we can defend ourselves against the Zionists and catching a cold after the shower at the same time.”