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Archbishop of Paris unveils ‘Lady Gargoyle’

French News: The Archbishop of Paris, Andre Vingt-Trois, drew sustained and bitter criticism today from media and church authorities alike after unveiling a surprising new gargoyle, sculpted to resemble pop aristocrat Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga, Lady Gagoyle

Watching over the Seine, perched on top of the west-facing facade of Notre Dame Cathedral, ‘Lady Gargoyle’ has sparked a national debate in France, and plenty of anger towards Archbishop Vingt-Trois – already a notorious figure after holding sermons in McDonalds and ordering the organist to play songs by Daft Punk to the congregation as they enter the Cathedral.

Condemned by conservative forces as ‘too trendy’ and ‘trying too hard’ to win over an apathetic youth by mixing ecclesiastics with pop culture, this latest stunt has prompted calls for him to be defrocked.

It is inappropriate and undignified,” President Sarkozy told Le Monde this morning. “Lady Gaga is an American. Why not a gargoyle of Vanessa Paradis? Or my wife, Carla?”

But Archbishop Vingt-trois remains defiant, defending the commission by French sculptor Henri Le Spoon, as “a gift to the future”.

Lady Gargoyle will be there for hundreds of years,” he said, “She is fixed in stone. We have given her the ultimate poker face.”

A spokesman for Lady Gaga said she was “thrilled and honoured”.

The singer plans to visit Paris later this year to see Lady Gargoyle for herself, and will “return the favour” by wearing a hat that looks like Notre Dame, with a bra made out of two hunchbacks.