Web marketing couple name their new baby ‘Content’

Baby News: When Tim-Berners Lee discovered the internet in 1997, he may well have anticipated at least some of the possibilities it would bring about – instant access to the world’s media, historical records available at the click of a mouse, what Stephen Fry listens to on the plane.

Web Marketing couple name their newborn 'Content'

But what no-one could have guessed was the impact on how we perceive each other, and the concept of family.

Web marketing consultants and owners of Facepalm Solutions in Pasadena California, Mike and Patchouli Walker, have decided to name their third child Content Streaming Media Presence Walker.

She was born weighing 7lb 11oz on Sunday morning, a new baby sister for twin boys Brand Impact and Global Synergy, in great health, HD-ready and with over three thousand followers on Twitter. Both mother and daughter are trending.

“We are so happy to have little Content in our lives,” Patchoili twote, “she is a delightful operating system. She’s our princess, and in a few years, she’ll have even more fun, opportunity and sponsorship than we could ever have wanted for her.”

“If anyone’s interested, email us or tweet using the hashtag #contentforcontent.”


Story: Chris Miller