Princess Diana’s lunchbox to be exhibited

Princess Di News: A lunchbox and thermos flask used by Princess Diana is set to go on display at Kensington Palace next year to coincide with the completion of the £12 million revamp of the Royal residence.

Princess Diana’s lunchbox to be exhibited
The Thomas The Tank engine lunchbox was believed to have been used daily by the Princess right up until her death in 1997, and reportedly still has the faint scent of swan sarnies about it.

Fourteen years after her death people are still fascinated by every aspect of Diana’s life,” said a Kensington Palace spokes-prole. “As well as her cherished lunchbox, we also have her thermos flask, which still has some lipstick smudges on the cup.”

The lunchbox and thermos form the centrepiece of the exhibition, but also promise ‘an unique insight into the Princess’s lunching habits’ by showcasing some crumpled foil that her sandwiches were wrapped in and, more poignantly, a half-eaten Jacobs Club biscuit bar that she never finished.

‘The People’s Princess’s Lunches’ opens in March 2012.


Simon Swatman: Story+Image