How Nick Clegg hit the pop charts. The story so far…

Sunday 24th September 2013

How the media covered the story….

11:30 It’s at No.33

10:50 Metro > Nick Clegg’s auto-tuned apology remix 14/1 to top the charts

10:45 Daily Mail > Kanye v Clegg: Lib Dem leader enters top 40 with hilarious remix of his tuition fees apology video ahead of biggest names in pop

10:37 #34

09:10 The Sun > Auto-tuned Clegg track joins the chart race

08:05 Heading for 800k on YouTube

07:55 35

Saturday 23rd September 2013

22:00 Thank you all for getting @nick_clegg saying sorry into The Top 40 and raising some much needed dosh for @SheffChildrens.

If everyone at the Lib Dem Conference buys it tomorrow they will have a Top 10 hit on their hands. So we’ll now leave it to the @LibDems to make that happen.

20:13 ITV “I’m Sorry” reaches top 40 in singles chart

20:01 Big In Germany! > Sueddeutsche.de “I’m sorry” macht Vizepremier zum YouTube-Star

19:41 Daily Telegraph > Nick Clegg’s tuition fee apology spoof enters charts

16:30 37!

16:25 Huffington Post > Nick Clegg Says I’m Sorry (The Autotune Remix) Storms Apple ITunes Chart

16:20 The Daily Mirror > Liberal Democrat leader’s autotune remix enters iTunes Top 40

15:18 Newsflash! TOP 40 HIT! The Deputy Prime Minister’s apology song is now at No.38 sandwiched between Kanye West and Cary Rae Jepsen



Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg is kicking off more than his party conference today– he’s going up against pop big guns David Guetta and Pink as he launches his pop career on iTunes with his debut single ‘Nick Clegg Says I’m Sorry [The Autotune Remix)’.

The single, produced by Alex Ross and The Poke, has gone live today on Apple’s iTunes store with other outlets including Amazon going live in the next 24hours.

We auto-tuned Nick Clegg’s apologetic tuition fees speech into a video that has had a achieved staggering 500,000 views in just 24 hours. Clegg gave consent for the video to be released as a charity single following a huge response on Twitter.

The viral video has already had a frightening amount TV exposure – having been featured on some major TV shows in the last 24 hours including Newsnight, BBC News, The One Show, ITV News, Channel 4 News, Five News, Sky News, News Round and Loose Women.

A Poke spokesperson said “ Can Nick Clegg be the first British political leader ever to become number 1 – while he’s still number 2?’

Here’s how it all happened…

On Wednesday night (19.9.12) we decided to remix Nick Clegg’s ‘Sorry’ speech and Alex Ross stayed up till 3am mixing it…

You might have seen Alex’s stuff on here before. His previous hits include > Leveson The Musical, The Poke autotunes The Apprentice and Downton Abbey Dubstep.

So there we were Thursday morning (20.9.12) at Poke HQ when all of sudden…

O8:00 Former Deputy Labour leader John Prescott tweets it:

08:30 Then Greg James off of Radio 1

Then MP Tom ‘Leveson Inquiry’ Watson

09:00 TV’s Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis

10:00ish Our website crashed under weight of traffic. While we were trying to fix it we wondered if the Lib Dems might give us permission to release it as a single?

We weren’t expecting to hear direct from old CLEGGO himself!


holy shit…


>>> WTF!!!

BBC News – Nick Clegg spoof ‘I’m sorry’ video song to be release

Daily Telegraph – Nick Clegg’s musical tuition fee apology goes viral

The IndependentNick Clegg ‘sorry’ – The Remix

The Guardian – Nick Clegg apology video: the best parodies

Daily Mail – The Clegg Factor: Hilarious remix of Lib Dem leader’s video where he ‘sings’ his tuition fees apology becomes an internet hit

Daily Mirror – Liberal Democrat leader’s tuition fees video apology reworked into viral hit 

Daily Express – Nick Clegg Tuition Fee Apology Goes Viral

New Statesman Autotune remix of Clegg apology to be released as single

The Spectator Nick Clegg’s viral apology video

The Week –  Nick Clegg sings sorry: could autotune video rescue deputy PM?

Digital Spy – Nick Clegg agrees to ‘Says Sorry Autotune Remix’ charity single

Huffington Post Nick Clegg Sings Sorry (The Autotune Remix Video)

AFP – Parody remix of Clegg apology to go on iTunes

MSN – Nick Clegg ‘I’m Sorry’ spoof remix to be released

>>> 3pm: Hang on what’s this…we have had some email, we never get email….

‘I work for Nippon Television, Japan’s most watched television channel. We are very interested in your remix of the Nick Clegg video’

‘I am writing to see if I can have permission to air parts of your Nick Clegg apology remix on CNN.’

“I would love to run it on Newsnight tonight

‘Hope you are well. I work on The One Show and this evening we would like to show the Nick Clegg apology remix that you have created.’

16:42 The bets are on..

17:25 Just spoke to a lovely lady called Charlotte at iTunes about releasing Nick Clegg’s debut single – watch this space

6.25pm We’ve just been on the main BBC 6 O’clock news….in total shock….

6.49pm Channel Five News….with ‘expert’ discussion guests…

7.03pm The One Show..

Friday 21st September 2012

08:20 FFS! Approaching 300k…..

A trip to the newsagent…

10.00am Looks like Tunecore could be the fastest way to release the single on as many platforms as possible…though iTunes approval ‘could’ take 10 days

1pm – Thank you ITV’s Loose Women…

1.39pm And your suggestions for the sleeve artwork are flooding in







18:00 The brilliant people at Tunecore.com have sorted out our single release just waiting for approval from ITunes

………to be continued…story continues from the top of the page..