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This professor had the very best response to being named in this jaw-dropping Spectator column about the ‘male libido’

When professor and author Lea Ypi gave a lecture at Cambridge University she presumably didn’t expect to end up being written about in the Spectator magazine, and certainly not like this, an absolute jaw-dropper of a column which, no matter how many times we read it, we still can’t quite believe it.

It’s a piece in Andrew Neil’s right-wing magazine by Lloyd Evans headlined ‘My (surprisingly) decent proposal’ but ‘decent’ wasn’t the word springing to most people’s minds.

Here’s how it begins.

It was spotted by Lea Ypi – professor of political theory at the London School of Economics, who was named as one of the world’s top 10 thinkers by Prospect magazine – and whose absolutely perfect response said it all.

‘Advice for scholars: next time you lecture on Kant and revolutions at “Downing” (@DarwinCollege) Cambridge, make sure your hair is neatly tied and that you’re not blonde. Or else your research impact will be on the @spectator libido section.’

Perfectly put. And the rest of the column doesn’t get any better (trigger warning).

And here is just a little bit of the shock, outrage (and sympathy) people had right now.










In three words …

Last word(s) to @lea_ypi.

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