Obama, Romney offer massages in exchange for votes

Election News: US presidential rivals Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are offering massages to voters on the final day of their election campaign.

In a bid to offer a ‘personal touch’ to potential voters, both candidates have been meeting with people still undecided about which way they’ll vote

“Just loosen up there fella,” Mitt Romney was overheard telling one man in Florida as the Republican candidate placed his hands around his neck and provided what one eyewitness described as like ‘watching a baker afraid of flour trying to make dough’.

President Obama also adopted a similar strategy, bringing a fold out massage table to meet voters in Madison, Wisconsin. Obama was accompanied by Bruce Springsteen who was on hand to provide fresh towels and lotion.

Obama and Romney are running almost neck-and-neck in national polls, but surveys of many key battlegrounds show Obama narrowly ahead. “I trust in the President’s plan for economic recovery,”said one voter. “Plus he has much bigger hands than Romney, he really knew how to work that deep tissue.”

Story+Image: Simon Swatman