It’s St Andrew’s Day so here are 25 reasons why we love Scotland

Scotland might have given us the steam engine, the television and penicillin – but there’s so much more to this incredible country. Here are 25 (occasionally with NSFW language) things to love about Scotland…
1. The Community SpiritBWAFzQMIIAEDT66
2. The way the motorists handle wheel clampers in Glasgow [via] 3. The way they cope with noisy neighbours in Edinburgh [via] …also in Edinburgh – how a local responded to health and safety inspectors when they closed the local chip shop after a mice infestation [via]
4. The escapism [via]
5. The Hair Dressers [via]
6. The Politics ..and the Protestors. Can we just have a moment for the Scottish GENIUS who dared to apply balloon static to Donald Trump’s hairpiece
7. The Roadside Weather Reports 8. The Public Transport [via]
9. The Highway Code [via]
10. The Romance [via]
11. The Local Papers
12. The way they deal with terrorists
13. The Sign Makers [via]