Brits cancelled after organisers decide to just leave all the awards outside Adele’s house instead

“This year we thought we’d save everyone the time and trouble and just leave every award outside Adele’s front door instead,” said a spokesman for the Brits.


The Brit Awards have been dramatically cancelled at the last minute, with organisers opting to drop the lavish stage show at the O2 Arena in favour of leaving every single award outside Adele’s house instead.

“We are still celebrating the best of British music, it’s just that in 2016 the best of British music only seems to be Adele,” said a Brits spokesman.

“Plus nobody really seems that arsed about seeing Coldplay or some weird David Bowie tribute, we’d to prefer to spend the money on something else. Like a nice holiday.”

Ant and Dec, who were due to host the awards are said to be ‘disappointed’ by the news, but have found something as ‘equally rewarding to do with their evening’ after they were given a ball of twine to play with.