He’s lived inside a bear, a bottle and on a very long pole. Now this man will entomb himself in a rock

Abraham Poincheval suffers for his art. Like, he REALLY suffers for his art, after the French artist revealed his latest project – being entombed in a boulder for a week.


Holes have been bored in the rock for luxuries like air, water and food (mostly very small bits of food, and soup) but it’s not clear how he’ll go to the toilet.

After he’s done this, he’s going to sit on a dozen eggs and try to incubate them like a chicken. We’re not making this up.

He’s got form for this sort of thing.

He once went down France’s Rhone River in a giant corked bottle.

He lived inside a bear.

And on top of a 20-metre pole. There he is!

Go, Abraham!