10 times we loved BBC News presenter Simon McCoy

BBC News presenter Simon McCoy earned the gratitude of the nation when he laughed in the face of a Tory MP who continued to trot out Theresa May’s “strong and stable” bollocks.

Here’s another 10 times we loved the BBC News man.

1. When he read the news holding a ream of paper after he thought he was picking up his iPad

2. When he was sat in the wrong place when the news started

3. When he dropped the mic

4. When he appeared to be caught having a nap

5. When he was brutally honest about waiting for the royal baby

6. When the robot cameras went awol

7. When the weather guy gave him a one-fingered salute

8. When he appeared to break wind

9. When he, basically, lost it

10. When he was caught picking his nose (and a whole bunch of other stuff)