These 16 work-related memes are simply too relatable

Nobody wants to work at the moment because it’s too hot, unlike last month when they didn’t want to work because it was too cold, or next month because it’s too August. These 16 work-related memes will really strike a chord with anyone who’s ever had a job they weren’t 100 per cent happy about. So – everyone.

1. Describe your ideal work environment

2. Me to myself in the back at work

3. When you’ve already decided you’re going to call in sick tomorrow and everybody calls out “See you tomorrow” as you walk out the door

4. When your boss asks you to do the simplest task but you’re still drunk from the weekend

5. Me, Sunday at brunch vs Monday at work

6. When your boss asks for your help but it’s 5:01

7. Adding that extra *cough* when calling in sick

Clock: 9:30AM
Me: *works for 6 hours*
Clock: 9:32AM