The “door or beach” optical illusion has got the internet arguing again

It doesn’t take much to get the internet into a flap, with that dress and the “Laurel or Yanny” debates springing to mind.

Have a look at what’s kicked off the latest disagreement.

So – it’s either a close-up of a blue door, with white plasterwork:

Or, it’s a beautiful beachscape.

The trouble with this one is that you can convince yourself that it’s definitely one of the options, and then your brain just rebels and can totally see the other thing. This is what the internet has had to say about it so far.

It looked like someone had the definitive answer …

But a quick zoom suggested otherwise.

And someone made the same argument for it being a door.

So we’re back to square one. Twitter user @memegoodboi has obviously just had enough.

“a gold-white yanny”

We know how they feel. What do you think?