Richard Madeley’s Covid seatbelt analogy was so close and yet so far away

There have been plenty of people who have made an analogy between anti-vaxxers and refusing to wear a seat belt.

But we’re not sure Richard Madeley, guest presenting on ITV’s Good Morning Britain today, quite nailed it.

This clip went viral today because, well, watch (and skip to 41 seconds in if you’d rather cut to the chase).

If you keep on listening you can hear Dr Hilary Jones sort of trying to make sense of it (an impossible task, surely).

Here’s what Madeley had to say.

‘And one of the reasons for example that we have a law that says you must wear a seat belt is not just to protect the person wearing the belt, it’s that if you don’t wear a belt and you have a high speed crash and you go through the windscreen you might hit somebody else. That can happen.’

And if you’re thinking it immediately brought to mind one person in particular, you’d be right.

It also sent other favourite Madeley moments trending.


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Source Twitter @GMB