This woman posing with wings wasn’t the only influencer in the area

The Influencers in the wild account shares footage of the many posers who walk amongst us, doing odd things in public for likes. No, not Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock – social media influencers.

Like this –

Doesn’t everyone bring a ring light to the beach?

A recent clip shows someone posing against a pair of wings painted onto a wall by artist Mikhaela Cherry. Nothing unusual about that – it’s what happens next which makes it even better.

Instagram users weighed in on the repost from Pablo Rochat.

That Pigeon is my favorite Micro-Influencer 🐦..

That pigeon better have as many followers as the kardashians or I’m out

Lmao this post is pure gold

Instagram user only_sabrina_horak made this point about the human influencer’s picture.

‘You don’t even see the wings in the selfie 🦋🙍‍♀️🤳’

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