‘Dad of the year’ texts his daughter the inside track and people love it

As its name suggests, the subReddit r/mademesmile is full of moments to make your day happier and this one which just went viral is a classic of the genre.

It’s a dad who texted his daughter the inside track on the American football while she watched it with her husband and it’s a fabulous little watch.

‘Dad of the year,’ said Civil_Experience2152 who shared it on Reddit.

And here are just a few of the things people said about it.

‘Favorite part – view of her laptop shopping for evening gowns.’

‘Imagine this going on for years.’

‘This is absolutely hilarious. Reminds me of one time, I overheard my sports-loving family members talking about the game. The next day at work, a guy tries to talk to me about sports, which I don’t like at all, so I just repeated exactly what I heard the previous night. That coworker walked away feeling like he had a real conversation. I have no idea what I said.’

‘This is actually really cute. Even if I found out it would be funny and I’d be ecstatic she wanted to engage with me about my interests.’

‘That is a wholesome moment that made me smile and suspicious of my wife’s insightful comments earlier today.’


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Source Reddit u/Civil_Experience2152