This shockingly entitled boss’s complaint got entirely the response it deserved

The first in an occasional new series, outrageously entitled manager of the day, comes this question which just went viral on Reddit for reasons that are about to become obvious.

It’s a ‘reader’s letter’ to an Ask A Manager blog shared by Redditor Simulation876 who said:

‘Saw this one on Twitter and thought I’d share. The utter entitlement and lack of empathy and quite frankly the obvious power trip completely baffles me.’

And it really is quite the jaw dropper.

You’ll be glad to know the ‘Ask A Manager’ response was everything you’d hope for and more.

Here’s just a bit of it (you can read the whole thing here).

‘I’m going to say this bluntly: you are very, very wrong about this situation, both as a manager and as a human.

‘Your company didn’t pay Jane money they owed her in the timeframe in which they were legally obligated to pay it. They did this twice.

‘Your company messed up, and their mistake impacted someone’s income. That’s a very big deal … Your objection to this because the company shouldn’t be responsible for Jane’s finances is nonsensical.

‘Your speculation that Jane might be lying about her financial situation is bizarre and reflects poorly on you. It’s irrelevant and you don’t seem to have any reason for wondering that other than an apparent desire to cast Jane in a bad light.

‘You’re absolutely right that there’s a respect gap in this situation — but it’s from you toward your employees, not from Jane toward her employer.’


And here are just a few of the many comments it prompted over on Reddit.

‘She did get one thing right. Jane would be better suited in another department, one without a sh-t manager.’

“The impudence! The audacity! The unmitigated gall!” Heaven forbid an employee wants payment for their last 2 pay cycles. How rude.’

‘What gets me the most is the audacity to claim that the employee needs to be better with ensuring she is in a stable financial situation and paying her debts on time when this company didn’t pay it’s debts to her …’

‘I can’t even begin to understand how someone can be this daft. Like, how long have they not been part of reality?’

“How DARE she speak to us like we speak to THEM.’

‘I hate the use of “superiors” by people like this … you’re not superior, you just get paid more.’


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