People enjoyed this mum’s takedown of her son after he took aim at low-paid workers

Early contender for takedown of the week is this, shared by Redditor FauxFalsetto who said: ‘Boomer attitude doesn’t have an age limit. Neither does respect for other people, as it turns out.’

And just in case that’s a bit tricky to read …

‘Very disrespectful, especially when you couldn’t even keep a job at McDonald’s.’

‘Okay mum, you didn’t have too go that far with it, just a post.’


‘Haha his mom’s a G.’

‘My mom constantly calls out my brother for being an asshole. He doesn’t listen, but she still does it.’

‘Mom coming from the top rope … that’s hilarious.’

‘I hate those memes too. The welder in that photo is appropriately compensated and more than likely because of that isn’t walking around pissed off or giving a shit if fast-food workers make 15 an hr. And willing to bet the people that do post that probably aren’t blue collar half the time.

‘Kudos to the mom though.’

‘I am a welder and would like to thank all McDonald’s employees: your job is harder than mine precisely because you’re not paid enough to do it, in additional to dealing with assholes all day. Welding is actually pretty nice most days, and the pay makes it an easier job to boot.’


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Source Reddit u/FauxFalsetto