Someone had the best comeback to this anti-masker’s bogus claims

Another day, another bogus claim from an anti-masker.

As ever, someone was ready with a takedown.

We’re pretty sure that was on offer at Trump University, before it went bust.

Here are a few favourite reactions from Redditors.

He might dispel the usefulness of masks from his working in a medical warehouse, but I bet you anything that when the anthrax breaks open He’s the first to grab at a mask in panic.

I would be very curious to see the overlap of people who refuse masks and people who panic-buy toilet paper.

“It’s about control and fear.”

Control over what exactly? I’ve never understood this fear mongering and what is being lost by wearing a mask when out in public?

Like what is washing your hands after taking a shit a form of control? Covering your mouth when you cough/sneeze? Is telling someone “bless you” after they sneeze living in fear?

I just don’t get it. How fucking fragile is your existence that wearing a mask, for any reason, is somehow stripping away your freedoms, forcing you to live in fear, and controlling you?

Yeah, doctors put masks on in ORs worldwide just to punk that moron.

No one has ever been able to tell me why mask mandates are tyrannical, but public decency laws are not. They’re forcing us to wear pants and it’s stripping us of our freedoms.

I legit work in a transmission factory, my department inspects and puts the final touches on the finished transmissions. I have absolutely no fucking clue how a transmission actually works. I’m a team lead.

Someone named u/GlassGuava886 applied the anti-masker’s logic to another situation.

I used to work in a library and I can tell you that book learnin’ is overrated.

It’s about paper production and page binding period.

And Penguin Random House puts tracking microchips in the spines.


This vet’s takedown of an anti-masker’s unfair review is simply savage

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