A Taylor Swift fan’s post-anaesthesia chat with her dentist is simply hilarious

In dental sugery terms, there’s not much that’s more serious than wisdom tooth removal, and it requires the good anaesthesia.

TikToker and Taylor Swift fan, @2co0l2juul, has gamely shared what happened when she had her wisdom teeth removed, and had to scold the dentist for his apathy towards the singer-songwriter, who recently released the rerecording of her Red album – Red (Taylor’s Version).

Me still defending Taylor Swift with my life after getting my wisdom teeth taken out.


@taylorswift love and supporting u always❤️ ##taylorswift ##wisdomteeth

♬ original sound – paloma😋

“Did you even play Taylor Swift during that?

“Absolutely not.”

“Do you like Jake Gyllenhaal?”


“Okay, good.”

“But you don’t like Taylor Swift?”

“Not really!”

“I can’t believe I let you perform on me.”

The singing was a particularly nice touch. We’d have been convinced.

A TikTok user named @alliiemcfire commented

‘Wisdom teeth removal (Taylor’s version).’

She added this update –

“ATTENTION: the doctor was really nice and was joking around w me and this was his only flaw.”

We’re glad she feels like that after the anaesthetic was shaken off. Personally, we thought he was a little mean.


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