Anti-vaxxer Takedown of the Day

One Facebook user had clearly had enough of hearing about the vaccines from graduates of Do Your Own Research University, so they posted a new rule about who could comment – and it riled an anti-vaxxer. Here’s what happened.

The comeback, however was a clear and comprehensive takedown.

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Everybody knows the ones with the REAL knowledge make videos from their kitchens on YouTube!

“I have absolutely no clue about medical sciences or even about how research in general works but I’ll double down on my beliefs and keep myself unaware of the huge amount of bias I have in my opinions, but I’ll also dare to say anyone more educated then me is the arrogant one.”

But but but all those people are paid by big pharma!

I work with traders, they understand nothing in medicine but are all vaccinated. Why? Because big pharma pay them…

Actually no, because they understand trends and numbers. And also because as said in the post, all people with half a brain are already vaccinated.

I missed the moment when confidently talking about things you spent years studying became arrogance.

An anecdote from u/SDpicking really shone a light on the problem.

My wife works in epidemiology, has a major in Biology, masters in public health and has spent the last two years researching covid and now the effectiveness of the vaccine.

Yet my brother who left school at 15 and works as a delivery driver called us “sheeple” for being vaccinated…apparently a few hours on YouTube was all he needed to see to make his mind up.


This anti-vaxxer was outraged by Cards Against Humanity and got entirely the responses they deserved

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