The magical takedown of this Harry Potter fan just gets better and better

‘Harry Potter fans need to read another book,’ said beerbellybegone who shared this magical takedown over on Reddit.

Wizarding schooled into next week. And here are our favourite things people said about it.

‘Fun fact, Brontë actually got the idea for Wuthering Heights from the Kate Bush song.’

‘The golden age of detective fiction, between WWI & WWII was dominated by women: Agatha Christie, Dorothy L Sayers, Ngaio Marsh, Margaret Allingham.’

‘And the golden age of trash fiction was also dominated by women: VC Andrews, Jackie Collins, Danielle Steel, Judith Krantz
So no matter whether your reading preferences are high or low, women writers have you covered.’

‘Remember how Little Women was written in 2008. Amazing.’

‘Oh yeah I remember this. At which point they tried to backtrack and say “women in fantasy”, which of course caused the ghost of Ursula K. Le Guin to rise in vengeance.’

‘Not to mention Anne McCaffery, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Melanie Rawn, Mercedes Lackey, Robin Hobb and Andre Norton.’

“But at least acknowledge that we laid the groundwork for you to take us on the next step.”

‘So, not only is this person woefully uneducated on the history of women authors, they also want a bit credit for something they had fuck all to do with? How far up their own ass must this person be?’

In short …

‘If someone is dense enough to think JK Rowling was the first woman author, they probably don’t really care too much about women authors.’


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