This ‘best job quitting story’ is making everyone’s day better

We’ve featured plenty of stories of nightmare bosses and awful working conditions on these pages over the last few months.

Well here’s a tale of a rather different employer who had the onerous task of having to lay off his entire workforce.

If that doesn’t sound like a feel good story, you’d be right. But keep reading …

We’re not entirely sure it’s the first time it’s gone viral but it’s just gone wildly viral after it was shared by Redditor Kaos2018 on the subReddit r/mademesmile, the good (boss) news story we needed right now.

And here are just a few of the things people were saying about it.

‘This isn’t a manager this is a leader.’

‘I once worked at a very large Canadian Corporation for 5 years and was getting upset with (most) of the management except for my direct boss. I put in my two weeks notice having accepted a different job elsewhere. My manager knew that about 400 people were getting laid off the next week and never submitted my resignation to head office so that I would still be entitled to my full severance pay.’

‘I had a friend who was laid off at a job years ago. Called into the boss’s office, told that they were really sorry but due to having lost some accounts they just couldn’t afford to keep him on anymore. He got (if I remember right) $10k in severance, they left on great terms.

‘What the boss didn’t know is that he had already accepted another job and was literally going to put in his resignation letter later that day. He and the boss remained friends and he told him about it later and they both laughed.’

‘My father had to layoff a bunch of people at his old corporate office. He was a compliance officer and was tasked with laying off a ton of people. I think it was around the 2008 recession, memory is a little fuzzy.

‘That man took the time to hit up some contacts and other companies similar to his, looking for the same or similar positions. Luckily my dad is very good at his job and is respected in many ways so he got a bunch of them set up with interviews, made it clear that if they need a reference or help applying that he’ll help even after they leave, and didn’t have anyone leave disappointed, crying, or that they didn’t matter.

‘This is just one of many examples that I cherish about my dad and I hope to live up to that level of care and respect.’

‘This is my first time reading this, but it warmed my heart. This guy truly deserves a #1 Boss mug.’


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Source Reddit u/Kaos2018